Sunny Day Maternity shoot | Colorado Photographer

Oh the flutters in my heart as I remember having our first baby.... so bitter sweet.  This day was full of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky!  There is nothing sweeter than watching soon to be parents cradle a belly bump that will soon be replaced by a tiny person, one who will steal both of their hearts like nothing in this world.

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A simple cup of coffee | Northern Colorado photographer

Hello! I am so excited, this will by my first blog/journal post.  I have no idea who will find me and read this but here it goes....

Some of the biggest things start out with a cup of coffee.

This photo was the first of many I took the other day and let me tell you, this past week has been so uplifting for my creative soul.  I have met so many talented ladies lately I am in awe. I have never been an overly expressive person, emotional yes but getting out and finding those who I vibe with is not my strong point.  I long to meet people like me but being on the introverted side of things can make it a bit tough.  So when I started to connect with others who shared my passion for light and emotion and all things photography my heart was filled with hope and excitment. This industry can be crazy and a bit cut throat if you will.  You will run into those who feel they are above you and will snub you because you may not be where they are.  And then there are others who are truly gifted and will share their soul with everyone.  I have found especially in this era of technology you must believe in yourself and stay true to who you are.  It can be so easy to feel letdown or like you just aren't being seen.  I know because I have been there and still do at times. Reach out to those who are willing and care and forget those who don't.  These little connections can be what drive you when you feel lost or spark a fire within you to reach higher.  I have also realized we all have those who we will connect with and those who we will not, and that is perfectly OK.  

So back to this cup... this day was all about sharing thoughts and dreams of others as well as my own.  This is just the beginning of so many wonderful things to come.   I'm going to say for now... stay tuned for all the details because I will be adding many more photos!

I just feel like I have rambled on about nothing lol! I hope you all stay with me and if you have questions, want to share anything with me or if you have an idea of what you would like me to write about please let me know! I would LOVE to hear from you, email me, find me on on facebook or Instagram.